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The Project Manager Skills Assessment (PMSA) measures an organization's supply of skills in several areas, compares it to needed skills and recommends a development program to address the variance between what the organization has and what it needs.

Skills are relatively easy to view and measure and can be mastered through training. This web-based skill assessment profiles 54 requisite project management skills as follows:

  • 18 project management skills
  • 14 business skills
  • 9 management skills
  • 7 interpersonal skills
  • 6 personal skills

Examples of skills assessed include:

  • Detailed estimating
  • Budgeting
  • Managing change
  • Negotiating
  • Verbal communications

Bloom's taxonomy is used by project managers to assess themselves on each of these 54 skills. Individual results are compared with established skill requirements for team leaders, project managers, senior project managers and program managers. A group skill inventory shows the composite skill profile for a group, function or organization.

PMSA Uses and Benefits

Sample PMSA Report

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